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Ezra Firestone - Traffic MBA 2.0 Facebook Video Ads Mastery 2018

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Ezra Firestone Traffic MBA 2 0 Facebook Video Ads Mastery 2018
Ezra Firestone - Traffic MBA 2.0 Facebook Video Ads Mastery 2018
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Genre: Video Tutorial / Business, Sales, Marketing
The best training on creating facebook video ad campaigns. In the last 3 videos, I showed you the amazing success of my new marketing strategy using Facebook video ads. And you can do this too! I believe you can implement what Ive shown you, and you can get results But ecommerce has taught me something very important: learn from those who have already done it. Because you have to decide where to invest your time and money.

And if youre reading this, you already know your resources are best spent on Facebook advertisingon finding a consistent source of traffic, and creating a profitable sales funnel
Because thats how you grow a business.

But dont start from square one. Find someone who does this really well, and learn from them.
Well, I do this really well. I grew my ecommerce business from 4 million to 25 million last year using my new ads strategy

Were now one of the biggest Shopify stores in the world, and Facebook just published a Success Story about my brand.
And now I want to teach you how to use this ads strategy in your business.

I just finished creating a new course called Facebook Video Ads Mastery.

Its a 5 week training in which Ill teach you how to create profitable Facebook sales funnels by leveraging video ads.
And listen: Im not offering you a one-size-fits-all generic funnel template. I wont be teaching you some gimmick.
This is the most in-depth training available in the world on how to become a Facebook Video Ads Master, and how to create a profitable sales funnel.

If you have a product worth buying, this system will find you customers.

Week 1: The super system
We start with a full break down of my entire Facebook video ads funnel.
I show you my hidden deep funnel tricks, and my winning ad infrastructure.
Ill also show you a brand new way that you can quickly and easily copy my funnel (this has never been possible before).
Most people create an entire course out of this content Well this is just Week 1!

Week 2: Spy Time
You have to know how ads work, and how to dissect them like an expert
So Im giving you my Facebook video ads swipe file.
In Week 2, well be doing competitive intelligence research where we do deep analysis of our competitions winning ads and funnels.

Week 3: The Art of the Story
How do you create video ads that engage an audience and get them to buy?
In Week 3, I show you my winning ad formula, including the 2x2 Method and how we anchor the sale and seed the offer.

Week 4: Tech Nasty
I know the technical side of all this can feel hard, so Im going to show you exactly how to set up your ads the right way.
Ill show you my BOLD ad campaign structure, and how we get double engagement from our ads.
Important: Im also going to show you my secret to optimization, so your ads continue to be profitable.

Week 5: The Golden Ratio
Something every business owner must know: how much are you able to spend to acquire a customer?
In Week 5, were going to send traffic through your funnel to establishyour dollar-in to dollar-out ratio.
Ill also teach you to use The Ultimate Upsell to get you more profit out of your ad spend
And how you can use your video ad on the backend of your funnel, so you can increase customer engagement and repeat purchases through email marketing.

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